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Scène D4 : The Cellar Is The Safest P...

This one is special—since it’s not even Friday yet— in honour of George A. Romero, creator of Night of the Living Dead and other iconic films, who passed away on July 16th, 2017. R.I.P. Legend 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️ Plot Twist: The Ghouls have surrounded the farmhouse and are getting closer. The locks we’ve put on the doors […]

Mindwork Studio

2024-06-21 : C’est au tour de l’inquisiteur Mizar d’avoir sa figurine XL en précommande, 13 cm de haut, pour 65€ et toujours 500 exemplaires. Les abonnés à la newsletter auront directement un code promo de 20%, valable jusqu’au 2024-06-27 : MIZAR20 2024-04-25 : Piffo, de Mindwork Studio, a partagé un code promo de 20% valable […]

Plague Bearer

Campagne de précommande Gamefound Kit de démarrage 2024-06-16 : Initialement prévue pour le 2024-06-17, la campagne de précommande est repoussée afin de retravailler et d’améliorer le jeu au mieux. 2024-04-24 : Vidéo de présentation de la précommande : Les précommandes démarreront le 2024-06-17. Il sera possible de commander les figurines seules. Il y aura un […]

Quête B56 : Megabomination

Did you hear that, Seli? I bet that Mega Abomination is lurking nearby! Let’s split up. You go that way and I’ll go to the other way. Whoever finds that monstrosity first, the other is paying for tonight’s ale! But leave the killing blow to me. My axe is thirsty for revenge! “Did you hear […]

Zombicide : Pariz

2024-05-31 : Un article de présentation est apparu sur le blog de la boutique CMON. 2023-11-05 : Lors d’un panel à la CMON Game Expo de Bangkok, CMON a annoncé une nouvelle boite Zombicide : PariZ, une campagne pour Zombicide 2nd Edition.

Mission M31 : Hack and Run!

As if being overrun by Xenos wasn’t bad enough, they’ve short-circuited the entire base. Our BOT, holding valuable data on these creatures, is out of control. We need a plan to retrieve it and evacuate before the base collapses. Mitsuki, jack in! What’s our move? As if being overrun by Xenos wasn’t bad enough, they’ve […]

Web Mission E8 : Bring out your dead

A mysterious affliction sweeps through the quaint town, turning it into a real-life thriller by claiming the lives of the townsfolk. The mayor’s quick fix of dumping the corpses into a cart takes a turn when one of them decides it’s not ready for its final resting place… We must get rid of that cart […]

Mission WM35 : The annoying Parrot

Survivors found a very annoying (but very cute) parrot and now feel compelled to save it. The parrot, however, seems to have a death wish and keeps attracting more zombies. Can they get out? From time to time, we’ll find ourselves in a rich neighborhood with all kinds of bizzare things left behind, hidden in […]

Ravage #26

2024-04-28 : Le 26ème numéro du magasine Ravage contient une triple dose de Zombicide : p24-27 : une présentation de Marvel Zombies, par Manu Grisel. p28-29 : un article sur Rio Z Janeiro, par R-one Chaffiot. p32-34 : une découverte de Army of the Dead, par Clara « Asa » Beauvallet.

Quête B55 : Desecrated Church

In this his is a 2-player Quest, Ann and Clovis seek refuge in an abandoned church, only to learn that it was defiled by a curse. Faith was the strongest thing they had left in their arsenal. Let’s purify this church! What was supposed to be a brisk trek through the woods turned into a […]