Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Archives mensuelles pour mars, 2022

Mission M22 : Magnus’ Odyssey

A bridge taken by Xenos, a locked exit to the escape pods, locked triggers and an injured and lost teammate. Explore some new mechanics in this adventure! Our ship was taken over by infected Xenos and few of us remained to tell the story. Our only chance to survive now is to resist the attack […]

Mission WM16 : Red Light, Green Light...

We found a new, strange Abomination that does not seem to be able to move… but makes all the other zombies super aggressive. We’re in a dead end and have no choice, it’s us or it! The longer we survive in this apocalypse, the weirder the things we get to see are. This new Abomination […]

Mission WM13 : You got the keys?

You know what hitting the jackpot looks like in the zombie apocalypse? Finding a pristine car, with a full tank! Now, if we can only find the keys… Guns and ammo sure are useful in a Zombie apocalypse. Surely, we can find some in this police station. Hold on… That police car looks pristine! I […]