Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !


Mission WM36 : Zombies ate my turkey

It’s Turkey Time! Time to collect food and head over to grandma’s house. In this Thanksgiving thematic scenario, these pesky zombies won’t stop us! Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and nothing beats having a feast with your loved ones to celebrate. Using her 50-years-old secret recipe that has been passed down for generations, grandma […]

Quête B53 : Apocalypse Gardeners

If these Orcs think they will take our city, they have another thing coming! Our plants will keep us safe. Yes, I said plants! Before this Apocalypse began, we lived peacefully and quietly, tending to our community gardens. We enjoyed nothing but peace and prosperity. Until the Orcs came. They invaded our lands, ravaged our […]

Mission WM32 : A New Dawn, Part 6

A New Dawn campaign, part 6, our grand finale! That traitor Rod and his undead “friends” are going to have to pay for what they did. In this apotheotic last chapter, let’s try to turn Ro into zombie snack! Dear diary, Rod’s going to have to pay for what he did back there. It is […]

Mission WM31 : A New Dawn, Part 5

Now that the heroes have their new base clear, they need to gather supplies. In an abandoned warehouse, they come across Rod, who is still alive and well… Turns out, he was a traitor all along (Surprise, surprise). Let’s take him down! Dear diary, We heard rumors about an abandoned warehouse filled with supplies and […]

Mission WM30 : A New Dawn, Part 4

A New Dawn campaign returns for a second season! In part 4, our heroes finally found the entrance to the Locust shelter, only to discover they were not the first ones to do so (you guessed it: Zombies). This cool scenario is played on 2 separate boards! Dear diary, I’ve finally found the entrance to […]

MH – Where is the Professor?

The zombies really did a number on us. Professor X is nowhere to be found and they’ve captured Magneto and Mystique. The plan is simple: We rescue them, Mystique shapeshifts into Professor X to get past Cerebro’s security, and we use it to track him down. 2023-08-25 : Retrouvez la Mission MH écrite par Rodrigo […]

Mission M29 : A New Danger

Recent research indicates that Xenos are mutating, and the larger species, which we call Abominations, are getting faster and faster. However, its evolution seems to be hampering its ability to spread the mold. Our mission is to enter a ship wreckage, retrieve the samples and of course, survive these mutated Abominations. Recent research indicates that […]

Quête B52 : Lockdown

The fearsome Orcs surrounded the town we use for shelter and destroyed the gates that kept us safe. We need to put those barricades back in place! The fearsome Orcs surrounded the town we use for shelter and destroyed the gates that kept us safe. Zombies sprout from all sides, and there’s not much hope […]

Mission WM28 : A Risky Deal

A standalone mission for Washington Z. C.! The capital has fallen and one of our Secret Service contacts has notified us that there are two important agents somewhere in the White House. They need to be moved to the presidential bunker for protection as soon as possible. Now it’s undeniable that the capital has fallen! […]

Web Mission E3 : The Legend of the Su...

In part 3 of our mini campaign, the Sunrise Riders finally found their saddles and arrived in the big town. But there are more people than there are horses, so they will need to find a way to stop the train and save all the new folks. The grand finale is here! We’ve arrived in […]