Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

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Vivian came to PK-L7 on a civilian contract. She’s always considered herself part of a bigger machine and was happy for it. However, after the Xenos attacked, she’s learning to break some rules and do whatever it takes to survive. Vivian est une Survivante de la classe des Civils. 26/03/2018 : Ce personnage est annoncé […]


Magnus is a bit of a brute, there’s not two ways about it. He may appear like a gentle giant, until the first string of provocative and inventive profanities spew forth from his bearded maw. Despite a lack of social graces, this Soldier will put his life on the line again and again if it […]

Mission A21 : Hammam

J’ai compté. Et je peux le prouver ! Ça fait exactement un an que je n’ai pas pris un bain chaud. Qu’on soit clair : ça ne vaut pas dire que je suis un crado ou que je pue comme un zombie. Je me lave, mais il y a une grande différence entre un bain […]


Cole grew up knowing he was quite a bit smarter than the people around him, but he was content to live a laid-back, low key lifestyle. He came to PK-L7 as a Civilian, but as soon as the Xenos attacked, he jumped into action, saving the lives of several coworkers. Now, he’s looking to take […]


Jared was pretty much destined to be a Soldier. He grew up bigger than the average kid, but always defended those smaller than him. As he got older, he became a jock, then a firefighter, before finally joining the army. One of his greatest abilities is staying calm in all situations Jared est un Survivant […]


Mitsuki came to PK-L7 as a Civilian machine programmer, looking to assist with the extraction of Xenium from the planet. She had grown up with a love of technology, often relating more to robotics than her fellow humans. Mitsuki est une Survivante de la classe des Civils. 11/03/2018 : Ce personnage est annoncé en teasing […]


Baraka grew up rich. She didn’t join the military out of necessity. It was more like a calling. She was unsatisfied with the life of luxury that had been thrust upon her, and she longed for the challenges, obstacles, and dangers that only a life in the army could provide. Maybe it’s because she chose […]