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Archives mensuelles pour août, 2023

Zombicide: Army of the Dead

2023-08-21 : Le site d’Asmodee Espagne a mis à jour la fiche de Zombicide: Army of the Dead avec de nouveau visuel et une date de sortie : 2023-10-06. 2022-11-27 : Il aura fallu plus d’1 an pour avoir des nouvelles du projet, mais sa référence est apparue dans plusieurs sites étrangers. La sortie est […]

Mission M29 : A New Danger

Recent research indicates that Xenos are mutating, and the larger species, which we call Abominations, are getting faster and faster. However, its evolution seems to be hampering its ability to spread the mold. Our mission is to enter a ship wreckage, retrieve the samples and of course, survive these mutated Abominations. Recent research indicates that […]

Quête B52 : Lockdown

The fearsome Orcs surrounded the town we use for shelter and destroyed the gates that kept us safe. We need to put those barricades back in place! The fearsome Orcs surrounded the town we use for shelter and destroyed the gates that kept us safe. Zombies sprout from all sides, and there’s not much hope […]

Gen Con 2023

2023-08-11 : Merci la communauté de fan sur Internet : 2023-07-27 : CMON a présenter sa carte promo de l’Agent Coulson pour Marvel Zombies – A Zombicide Game. 2023-07-18 : Du 3 ou 6 Août 2023, se déroulera la Gen Con 2023 et une fois de plus CMON y organisera des évènements, dont 2 liés […]

CMON Game Expo 2023

2023-08-10 : CMON annonce également la CMON Game Expo 2023 US, à Minneapolis du 15 au 17 septembre, avec une mission pour Zombicide: Undead or Alive. Zombicide: Undead or Alive Unending Team Play Scenario Teams of two survivors jump in when seats are available and attempt to complete a randomly drawn objective. Each team who […]

Mission WM28 : A Risky Deal

A standalone mission for Washington Z. C.! The capital has fallen and one of our Secret Service contacts has notified us that there are two important agents somewhere in the White House. They need to be moved to the presidential bunker for protection as soon as possible. Now it’s undeniable that the capital has fallen! […]