Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Black Plague

Quête B24 : Trebuchet repairs

We found a trebuchet! Such a great weapon, it is sure to help our defenses back in the camp… Except it’s broken. Quick, we need to find the wheel before we get eaten alive! We found a trebuchet! It would be such a great weapon for our defenses! Unfortunately, one if its wheels is missing […]

Quête B23 : Keychain

Ok, so we are locked in this village. The zombies trapped in are sure the be what’s left from the villagers that lived here, so some of them are sure to have keys that can help us get out. But which ones? Guess we’ll have to elliminate them all to find out! Looks like the […]

Quête B22 : Threatening Horde

The Hordes are rallying up. A Necromancer is mustering the troops as he sees fit. We need the help of an assassin, a cold-blooded murderer, who can infiltrate their defenses and kill this Necromancer. Find the assassin and bring him to the Necromancer’s Lair. We need to elliminate the Necromancer summoning all these troops. But […]

Art of Zombicide Fantasy

25/04/2020 : L’Update #18 de la campagne Kickstarter de CMON a offert à tout le monde l’accès à l’artbook dédié à l’univers Fantasy de Zombicide. Des Survivants aux Zombies, des Promos aux Guest Boxes, vous retrouverez toutes les illustrations utilisées par la société dans ses boites : Art of Zombicide Fantasy.

Quête B21 : The Orc’s Trap

We’ve fallen right into the Necromancer’s trap. A giant deadly wall of spikes is advancing from behind! Can you escape before being crushed by the spikes (or killed by the Orcs)? We fell into the necromancer’s trap with no way back. We can either die by the spikes, die by the orcs, or get out. […]

Quête B16 : Dégoûtant !

À ce qu’on dit, le sang d’orque corrompu peut servir de Bile de Dragon. Ce truc gluant pue comme l’enfer, mais nous allons quand même voir si le jeu vaut la chandelle. S’il s’avère que ce n’était que des bobards, on aura quand même éliminé tout un tas de zombies orques. Ces créatures hérissées de […]

Quête B20 : The Final Defense

The dead have broken through every barrier and every fence we created and are now coming from all sides. This is it, this our last stand and our last chance. In this desperate time, strange powers awaken inside of us. No running anymore, the spawn points must be destroyed! Retrouvez la 20ème Quête écrite par […]

Quête B19 : Secure the Trebuchet

We believed we were safe. Now, the Orcs are breaching the wall. The non-stop onslaught means one thing: We need to hit them at the heart of their tribe! Unfortunately, we can’t move the Trebuchet into position ourselves… We must muster forces from around the city to push it into range! Retrouvez la 19ème Quête […]

Quête B18 : Naevok, the Necromancer

An Orc Necromancer is causing chaos in the little village of Zaragon. He’s no easy target, so our only way to defeat him is by gathering all the herbs needed to make a potion that nullifies his protection spell. Retrouvez la 18ème Quête écrite par Guillotine Games. Naevok, the Necromancer est une quête pour Zombicide: […]

Quête B17 : Dangerous Portals

A powerful dark force is creating rifts across the city, fragmenting and tearing it apart! Only assembling a powerful relic known as the Wand of Negation can help us restore our once-beautiful town! Retrouvez la 17ème Quête écrite par Guillotine Games. Dangerous Portals est une quête pour Zombicide: Green Horde, Difficile, en 4 dalles, qui […]