Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Black Plague

Quête B50 : The Cursed Village

In this special scenario with 2 different endings, you have to find you comrades and escape the Village fast! Take too long and you might have to face the consequences of your delay… We all thought that this damn plague wouldn’t last long and that the symptoms would just be weak, as if it were […]

ThunderCats Packs

2022-10-31 : Asmodée Expert vient d’annoncer la sortie en France de ces boites pour le vendredi 4 Novembre. 17/02/2022 : Lors du Live sur les 10 ans de Zombicide, CMON a officialisé l’arrivée de ces boites directement en boutique. 01/12/2021 : Les ThunderCats Packs, des boites d’Acteurs pour Zombicide Black Plague, sont apparus au catalogue […]

Quête B49 : Pillage Race

Not all enemies are zombies! In this competitive scenario, two teams compete to see who pillages the resources left in these villages first. Last one in is a zombie snack! Two rival groups of survivors must pillage neighboring villages before it’s too late! The group that takes too long will be doomed to deal with […]

Quête B48 : Gardens vs Zombies

When life gives you zombies, kill them with sunshine and flowers! We must keep our plants safe, but zombies are coming from everywhere… even from underwater. Oh no! The infected surrounded our gardens! We must keep our plants safe until this nightmare ends! We need to be careful because Zombies can appear from anywhere, even […]

Quête B47 : Silas’ Gathering

A Dwarf, and Elf and a Human must unite against the undead. In this case, Silas must gather Samson and Clovis to together face the ferocious Abominotaur! Silas dreamt of the day he could unite the Dwarves, Elves, and Humans against the undead menace. To set an example, he must first reunite with Clovis and […]

Quête B46 : Ann’s Revenge

Ann learned that her childhood village has been devastated by a necromancer: the church’s priest she trusted as a kid. Now, she will hunt him down and take her revenge! Ann is leaving us for a few days. She learned from a wandering survivor we rescued earlier today that her childhood village has been devastated […]

Quête B45 : Baldric’s Mistake

Here’s the thing about healing potions and spells… If you mess them up, you raise the undead instead of healing the wounded. Now, Baldric needs to find Nelly and escape with the ingredients before it’s too late. People see wizards cast spells and do wonders, yet fail to understand that to do that, it took […]

Quête B44 : Underwater City

Riverside Town was once famous for their spiced, cured meats, but now it’s submerged waist-high in water. The smell of meat has attracted the Wolfz, so now we need to move as quickly as we can through the water if we want to get any slice of it! Riverside Town was once famous for their […]

Quête B43 : Shapeshifting Powers

We’ve stumbled upon Shapeshifting Runes which hold the power to transform their users into beasts. It’s time for these Necromancers to face the forces of nature! We’ve stumbled upon an ancient artifact, the Shapeshifting Runes. They hold the power to transform their users into beasts. Necromancers are also on the hunt for these powerful runes, […]

Quête B42 : The Flying Plague (Part 3...

First we teamed up, then we geared up… You know what comes next, right? It’s time to TAKE THAT DRAGON DOWN! Our Ballista bolts cannot pierce the dragon’s hide of iron and bone! The necromancers must have fused the Flying Plague with unnatural materials! How sinister! We need to retrofit the Ballista bolts with forged […]