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Interview « Fan Artiste »: Zombicide: Bitez

Sorry it took so long dude…

1/ Where are you from?

I live in a little town in Somerset UK.

2/ Could you present yourself in a few words? And your favourite Zombie reference?

I’m an artist through and through. I’m an illustrator by trade so I am always looking for a creative outlet. An addiction to board games has helped with that, although it hasn’t helped the bank balance.

3/ Could you give us a quick word about you and how you fell into Zombicide?

I knew nothing about Zombicide until my best friend told me I had to play this awesome zombie game with him as his wife had had her fill of obliging.

4/ You are very active on Facebook, can you present us your different accounts?

Well I have my personal account @NeilRumary and I have my Zombicide: Bitez page, but I work more on Instagram @fizzybat.

5/ You make all sort of zombicide custom material. Which kind is your favourite? Which specific one of yours are you proudest of? (And why for both)

My favourite things to make are the equipment cards as they are the easiest to print and use in the game. The cards tend to be produced using stock images I find online, and clipart for the icons. I do try and customise a lot of the weapons with extra flourishes to make them unique, but really I just make them to add variety to the game.

But I would say I’m most proud of the Stadium Tile set I made. The tiles I like because that was all drawn from scratch pretty much. Obviously, a few weapons details and textures are from stock images but all the little logos, graffiti etc. are mine.

6/ How did you worked your tiles? And did you play tested them?

already had an idea for a stadium set but I got great inspiration from playing a custom mission called « The Hotel From Hell » that I found on BoardGameGeek.com

I also had plans to expand he tiles to make the stadium longer. There is a mock up on my computer for a larger basketball stadium and a football stadium.

I have yet to play test the tiles, but I have a few ideas how they would interact with existing tiles.

ED: Stadium tiles custom rules can be found on BoardGameGeek.

7/ Do you worked on your dedicated Missions?

Unfortunately, time is a factor for creating these. I have a list of ideas for missions for the stadium and existing tiles. I also have notes on how a multi-story building or skyscraper could be added.

Me and my friend have played a few games with all of the original tiles and all the expansions, plus all my custom cards and custom characters. That can get quite epic and does involve some off the cuff, house rules being made up.

8/ What is your favourite Mission, and why?

I love the « The Hotel From Hell » mission I mentioned earlier, any level when claustrophobia becomes factor in a mission is great. It’s always fun fighting your way out of a corner until your bones are drenched in the blood of the undead.

9/ Do you currently have any zombicide secret WIP?

I’ve been drawn back into it very recently, but I do get the sense there will be a few new things coming to my page shortly. I had some really cool ideas about using stair wells and elevator shafts to create multi story games in skyscrapers. I might also revisit my weather and event cards, I left that idea half stared, so there are still a few kinks to work out.

10/ Did you hear about our French Zombicide Fan Site?

I have seen it yes, I also follow the Zombicide Fanatics page.

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