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Interview « I am Zombie »: Shawn

The interview was designed and conducted by XofMdS:

Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hello! My name is Shawn Beatty. I live in the midwest and am a public high school teacher. I teach Japanese and advise the Zombie Defense League club.

A « Zombie Defense League club »? What is that?

ZDL (Zombie Defense League) is a club that was there before I was… but I promptly took control of it.
Most all of the members are zombie fans / gamers / geeks and nerds. We are allowed a couple of hallways in the basement and have Nerf Wars. From time to time we have lock-ins where we use the entire school (and it’s big) and have huge team based infection modes or just team wars. I’m trying to get us to do more things to up our rep. Volunteer at a food bank, etc.

I have also ran zombicide there and it was a BIG hit. Two of my 40-some students have bought them game so far… I’m hoping more.

How did you fell into Zombie universe?

I have been a huge zombie fan since I was a kid. The Cook skeleton fight scene (Youtube) at the end of the Ray Harryhausen film « Jason & the Argonauts » (1963) got me hook on scary undead things which developed into zombies. My love of zombies led me to starting a small online business in 2004, called KingZombie.com that specializes in our own lines of zombie stickers, dice and miniatures. We also do sell some other items as well.

Then in 2006, I started ZombieMarch.org and the Iowa City Zombie Walk and have been doing it ever since. It is used as a vehicle to raise awareness for various Eastern Iowa Charities.

My most recent zombie experience (outside of being in Angry Neighbors AS a runner zombie) is on was on the 2012 Discovery Channel show, « Zombie Apocalypse » as one of the 4 preppers featured.

How and when did you found out about Zombicide?

Someone I know sent me a link to a different zombie-themed boardgame on Kickstarter and I stumbled across this one. Best stumble… EVER.

How did you decide to take the huge « I am Zombie » step?

Well, at the time of Season 1, I couldn’t afford the « I am Legend » level at that time. BUT I was prepared to go for it in Season 2. Unfortunately, the 2 « I am Legend » pledge levels sold out in the first 2 minutes and actually went to -1. Do you remember that? Crazy. I knew I really wanted to be in the game. My nickname since the ol’ BBS days in college has been King Zombie… so I thought it would be cool to be a zombie. Not as cool as being a character… but still cool… so I decided to go for it. I figured I could always try to be a player next time. I just really wanted to be a zombie. ^_^


After the KS is over, how did Guillotine Games and you processed into the design of your Zombie? Is there any easter egg around its art?

They sent me an email asking for pictures of the pose I wanted and the type of zombie I wanted to have done. I always have thought runners were scary, so that is why I went with that. The only « easter egg » is perhaps my purple trenchcoat. I have a killer Joker costume and that is from that. I’ve also had that coat since college… and that was a LONG time ago.


After the KS is over, how did Guillotine Games and you processed into the kind of Zombie you would be? Did you get some access to new Zombie types/rules? Does it reflect some kind of your personality, or did you choose a more fictionnal path?

They just asked what I wanted to be. Although, after the fact I did find out just before the official announcement that I was a new type of zombie. I didn’t find out what the zombie type was until after the official announcement about the Season 3 Kickstarter and the Angry Neighbors overview. I will be a seeker. As for access to new rules… nope. It was very hush hush.

I personally am not a runner, so if there were running zombies, I know I’d be screwed. So that is why I chose to be a runner.

Doesn’t it feel weird to have this reflection of yourself?

Heck no! It’s freaking awesome! I hope I look 1/2 as bad ass when I’m dead.

We can’t imagine the « pride » (maybe a better word would fit) you can feel now that it comes a bit to the open. Are there anyone in your « neighborhood » with whom you can share that?

I have been sharing my Zombicide zombie-awesomeness with anyone who’ll listen.

What are your next moves regarding Zombicide?

Well, I have become a member of the Legion over at the CMON website. I LOVE the game. I talk about it with coworkers (and students) who are into games and plan game days when I can and I’m not doing demos.

I also plan to have a good friend who’s an amazing painter paint up one of the zombie « me »s so I will look really sharp when I’m out there chowing down on players.

I hope that answers all your questions. I can’t wait to see the final figures. I haven’t seen any photos yet.

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