Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Mission GenCon 2022 – CrossroadZ of Apocalypse

We reached a Crossroad. In other times, hom of Gencon, now a big undead wasteland Fighting for every inch and every small detail. we need to settle Tools, meds and supplies. Right now there are three factions. We lost so many over the last few months, now we reached a truce. We don’t shoot the libing anymore. Who will rule over Indianapolis? Time will tell.

The city of Indianapolis was one of the last to feel the Zombie Apocalypse – by then every single place downtown was already empty – from the small shops to the large mega-stores. So, after a couple of months, the real challenge was not only to survive the undead, but also to keep the well-being of your friends and surviving family members. Through 3 different districts within Indianapolis, players will be divided into one of the three available factions for this special Gencon Event. You will have to navigate through different boards (physically changing tables!) and help your team to gather the much-needed resources, avoiding breaking the long-standing truce among the factions.

12/08/2022 : Retrouvez la Mission de la GenCon 2022 écrite par la Z-TEAMCrossroadZ of Apocalypse est une mission pour Zombicide: 2nd Edition, Spéciale, en 3 fois 6 Dalles et 18 Survivants.

Vous la retrouverez sur Reddit.

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