Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !


Mission M14 : The Teleporter

We’ve heard about a teleporter that could get us off PK-L7 for good! But we have to get there first. Can’t be much worse than where we are right? One of our most brilliant scientists has met an unfortunate end with some Xenos. But if we can activate his prototype teleporter, we might be able […]

Mission M13 : The Cleansing

This outpost sure is loaded… Both with useful material and with mold! We need this back at the base, so it’s time for a deep cleaning! It was supposed to be a simple mission, cleansing a nearby outpost and salvaging what’s left. Turns out to be canisters of material that we need for headquarters. The […]

Alone Crossover Zombicide: Invader

08/08/2020 : Une photo des Survivants a été partagée sur Internet. 21/02/2019 : L’Update 75 de la campagne Kickstarter de Zombicide: Invader nous annonce la sortie d’un crossover avec la campagne d’Alone. Chaque participation à la campagne d’Alone inclura une règle et les fiches pour jouer les 4 personnages de base dans Zombicide: Invader. Les […]

Mission M12 : The Purge

An Abomination of incredible size passed through here, leaving a trail of destruction. We have no way of defeating if, but this facility may still be salvagable… We must act quickly or the mold is going to take over everything! An Abomination of unimaginable size tore through this mining complex, leaving ruin in its wake. […]

Mission M11 : Rescue the Scientists

When this lab went under attack of the Xenos, the scientists decided to lock themselves in and wait for them to leave. We’ll, they’re not leaving, and now the scientists are trapped. Maybe not their smartest move. When this science outpost got hit, the scientists locked themselves inside. Smart! But the xenos damaged the generators […]

Project: ELITE Crossover Zombicide: I...

18/06/2020 : Les boites de Project: ELITE sont arrivés chez certains joueurs qui ont partagé les règles du crossover. 01/11/2018 : L’Update 69 de la campagne Kickstarter de Zombicide: Invader nous annonce la sortie d’un crossover avec la campagne Project: ELITE. Pour $15 vous pourrez obtenir de quoi jouer le matériel de Project: ELITE dans […]

Mission M10 : Air Tight

If we can access our ship, we can call in an orbital strike and destroy all the xenos in the area! The computers are in different rooms, so we will need to snoop around a little to input the safety codes to get the shields down. Let’s go! We can call in an orbital strike […]

Mission M9 : Broken Generators

There antimatter generators sure are great… except when they aren’t. They got out of alignment and now we need to fix them, but boy, do they make a lot of noise! 29/05/2020 : Retrouvez la 9ème Mission écrite par CMON. Broken Generators est une mission pour la Zombicide: Invader, Facile, en 4 Dalles, qui vous prendra environ […]

Mission M8 : Locked Out

Oh, great. We’re locked out. The doors that lead to the safe zone can only be opened by a modified bot with the encryption codes. But there are just so many of them! We had a meeting with a surface-dweller, Mitsuki, when Xenos erupted and forced us to take another route. Mitsuki directed us toward […]

Mission M7 : Door Delivery

Our supply crates are here. But how to retrieve them outside before the Xenos get to them first? The Black Squad (Black Ops expansion) went out of their way with their dropship to provide us with supply crates taken from deep within PK-L7, where no one will need them anymore. Batteries, clothes, hygiene products, medicine, […]