Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Mission M21 : Enough is Enough

We need to test our new Xeno Cannon. To make sure it’s working, we need to dispose of all Xenos coming through the airlock. The Mission ends when all Xenos are out of the game. This is a real Xeno-cide!

System Analysis: Pressure Control at Airlock 13. Faulty.
Technician Update: We couldn’t repair it without parts so we gave up and modified it into a Xeno cannon.
User update: But we need air to br-… wait what!? That sounds amazing! Sending someone to test immediately!

29/10/2021 : Retrouvez la 21ème Mission écrite par Jaroslav SuchardaEnough is Enough est une mission pour Zombicide: Invader, Difficile, en 3 Dalles, qui vous prendra environ 45 minutes à 6 Survivants ou plus.

Vous la retrouverez dans le site de Guillotine Games.

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