Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Mission A43 : Bob’s Campaign 2/3 – A Survivor of his world

Bob is with you, but he asks your help to rescue his wife and daughter who are trapped in a nearby building. Well, since you shut down the transformer in part 1, that means you have to do that in the dark.

Weakened by his wounds, Bob asked you for a favour which you agreed to in the heat of the moment. You need to rescue his daughter and wife. They’re trapped inside one of the buildings nearby. There is a catch, however. The transformer being inactive means the whole region is drowned in darkness. A fitting setting for a rescue, don’t you think?

17/07/2020 : Retrouvez la Mission A43 écrite par Marcelo « Groo »A Survivor of his world est une mission pour la Saison 1 : Zombicide, Difficile, en 6 Dalles, qui vous prendra environ 90 minutes à 6 Survivants ou plus.

Vous la retrouverez dans le section Support du site de Guillotine Games ou via la section Supports du minisite Zombicide de Edge Entertainment lorsqu’ils l’auront traduite (Il faut être connecté sur leur site pour pouvoir télécharger le fichier).

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