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DCeased – A Zombicide Game

Campagne Kickstarter de DCeased – A Zombicide Game : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/dceased-zombicide Livret de règles DCeased WIP (2023-11-14) Late Pledge : Pledge Manager : https://gamefound.com/fr/projects/cmon/dceased 2024-01-29 : Ouverture du Pledge Manager qui contient un contenu exclusif, l’équipe de l’Équation de Vie mais surtout la possibilité de choisir ses boites en VF. 2023-11-28 : Dernier live de la […]

Mission WM34 : Playground Time

These kids are playing the most dangerous game there is: hide-and-seek with zombies. If they get found, they get devoured. This will not last, we better hurry and rescue them! … But we need to find them first. These lovely zombies are surrounding us more and more and it seems that we’re running out of […]

Mission Mode Zombie MV04 : Hunting Ja...

Well, it’s been a while since we last ate. Thor is a pain in the neck. Now, there is this Spider Kid roaming around, trying to stop us just because the main course is Mary Jane. We need some quiet for today. Maybe we can finally get some peace and quiet if we ate Spider […]


2024-01-10 : CMON annonce le programme pour les vendredi Zombies 2024 : 2 nouvelles missions par mois, soit 1 toutes les 2 semaines environ. Les vendredis zombies sont une collection de nouvelles missions gratuites pour toutes les gammes de Zombicide.

The Dice Tower – 2024

2024-01-08 : La campagne Kickstarter The Dice Tower – 2024 vient d’être lancée et parmi les éléments promotionnels de celle-ci, nous retrouvons 2 cartes pour Zombicide: White Death : Aegis of the Tower et le Gavel of Approval. Elles se trouvent dans la contrepartie Doppler Pack à $60.