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Quête B18 : Naevok, the Necromancer

An Orc Necromancer is causing chaos in the little village of Zaragon. He’s no easy target, so our only way to defeat him is by gathering all the herbs needed to make a potion that nullifies his protection spell. Retrouvez la 18ème Quête écrite par Guillotine Games. Naevok, the Necromancer est une quête pour Zombicide: […]

Mission A36 : This is Our Ground!

The old hospital became the home base for a tough group of Survivors. It was good times, but not anymore… After destroying all the back entrances to the building and luring a horde of zombies, another group is about to invade that location. The winner takes it all. (After cleaning all the remaining zombies and […]

Black Plague Companion App

17/01/2020 : Sortie d’une mise à jour sans renumérotation et sans changement apparent. 29/03/2019 : Sortie de la mise à jour 1.2.0 : All the Green Horde content is now available in the app! 21/12/2018 : Sortie de la mise à jour 1.1.0 : Massive Darkness crossover content added! You can now join networked games […]

Zombicide Classic : Lost Nightmares

01/06/2020 : This project started in our community 4 years ago, at early 2016. Initiated by the BoardGameGeek community then taken up by the Spanish community, the idea of recycling Zombivants as a tougher adversary took time to succeed. And yet, at the start of 2020, I am proud to present the result of all […]

Zombicide Classic : Cauchemars Égarés

06/01/2020 : Ce projet a démarré dans notre communauté il y a 4 ans, début 2016. Initié par la communauté BoardGameGeek puis repris par la communauté espagnole, l’idée de recycler des Zombivants en adversaire plus coriace a mis du temps à aboutir. Et pourtant, en ce début 2020, je suis fier de vous présenter le […]