Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !


The Dice Tower – 2022

2022-01-10 : La campagne Kickstarter The Dice Tower – 2022 vient d’être lancée et parmi les éléments promotionnels de celle-ci, nous retrouvons 2 cartes : Pour Zombicide 2nd Edition, le Dé explosif : Une fois par tour, vous pouvez sélectionner une Zone adjacente et lancer 1 dé : Si vous obtenez un 6, éliminez tous […]

Mission WM15 : Saint Sylvester Marath...

« Ma », Ned’s mother, used to watch the Brazilian Saint Sylvester Marathon. I guess she even took part once or twice. She taught her son a trick or two. Let’s outrun these runners and get our isotonic drinks! If there’s a bad place to be during a Zombie apocalypse, it’s on the streets during a marathon […]

Mission WM14 : The Ultimate Christmas...

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need: a frozen turkey, a Bag of Rice, and Canned Food (well, that’s 3 things, actually)! Let’s get the ingredients for our Christmas feast! Today is December the 24th. To keep a sense of normalcy in this nightmare we’re living in, we’re […]

Quête B43 : Shapeshifting Powers

We’ve stumbled upon Shapeshifting Runes which hold the power to transform their users into beasts. It’s time for these Necromancers to face the forces of nature! We’ve stumbled upon an ancient artifact, the Shapeshifting Runes. They hold the power to transform their users into beasts. Necromancers are also on the hunt for these powerful runes, […]

Mission WM12 : Ostara’s Flash M...

One of the few silver linings of the zombie apocalypse… all department stores are now in all you can carry, no payment required mode! Of course, there are also zombies there, so we’ll do it flash mob style: appear out of nowhere, disappear even faster. « We MUST go! It’s huge! Full of BOXES! Full of… […]

Quête B42 : The Flying Plague (Part 3...

First we teamed up, then we geared up… You know what comes next, right? It’s time to TAKE THAT DRAGON DOWN! Our Ballista bolts cannot pierce the dragon’s hide of iron and bone! The necromancers must have fused the Flying Plague with unnatural materials! How sinister! We need to retrofit the Ballista bolts with forged […]

Quête B41 : The Flying Plague (Part 2...

Part 2 of the Flying Plague campaign and now that we teamed up, it’s time to GEAR UP! Let’s get the ballista and get ready to meet the flying plague itself! We survived the Dragon’s initial assault. With our newly-found friends, we can avenge our fallen comrades and get rid of the Flying Plague. Of […]

Quête B40 : The Flying Plague (Part 1...

A new campaign starts! Necromancers amassed dragon corpses from across the lands, constructing a single, giant, flying, undead abomination. Our camp was annihilated, but we can still fight back. First we team up: let’s assemble the best team we can! Necromancers amassed dragon corpses from across the lands, constructing a single, giant, flying, undead abomination. […]

Mission WM9 : The Great Fire

In this special scenario, face a different enemy: time! Get all the pimp weapons you can out of the building before it is engulfed in flames. Oh, the zombies are there, too! A fire has broken out in this building. Good news is it’s been evacuated and is probably full of goodies. Bad news is […]

Mission WM8 : Common Enemies

The growing scarcity of resources has reignited the spark of war between old rivals. Now cars are crashed, the streets are on fire and these idiots are stranded in an abandoned building, surrounded by zombies. We have to stop this petty war right now! Grudges may be carried beyond reason, even throughout a zombie apocalypse. […]