Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Archives mensuelles pour août, 2022

Mission WM24 : The Last Passage

We managed to gather most of the infected into a single, gigantic horde. Now we can get rid of them in a single assault! The only exit is the passage we left out, closed with reinforced, electrical doors. We need to gather enough fuel to start the generators, open these doors, and get out! The […]

Zombicide: Supernatural Character Pac...

2022-08-26 : Annoncé lors du live des 10 ans, le pack Supernatural est enfin disponible à la précommande sur le site backerkit.

Quête B49 : Pillage Race

Not all enemies are zombies! In this competitive scenario, two teams compete to see who pillages the resources left in these villages first. Last one in is a zombie snack! Two rival groups of survivors must pillage neighboring villages before it’s too late! The group that takes too long will be doomed to deal with […]

Monsoon : NFT Zombicide

2022-08-16 : La plateforme NFT Monsoon est une plateforme web permettant l’achat et la collection de cartes Zombicide sous forme de NFT, avec différent niveaux de rareté pour chaque carte. La plateforme permet également l’achat et la revente de carte à l’unité ainsi qu’une interface pour suivre le cours de chacune.

Mission WM23 : The Agatha-pocalypse

We stumbled across this little girl named Agatha, all alone looking for her plushie and pacifier. If we don’t help her find them, she will start crying and attract the Abominacop that is nearby! Raising a kid properly is already a challenge in itself, and even more so during a zombie apocalypse. As we were […]

Mission GenCon 2022 – Crossroad...

We reached a Crossroad. In other times, hom of Gencon, now a big undead wasteland Fighting for every inch and every small detail. we need to settle Tools, meds and supplies. Right now there are three factions. We lost so many over the last few months, now we reached a truce. We don’t shoot the […]

Mission M24 : Baraka’s Odissey

A special scenario for Baraka that offers 2 game modes: easy and hard. Help is coming, so all you need to do is survive until it does! Good luck with that, though… these mold patched are full of infected Xenos. Something strange is happening in this place. These mold patches are full of infected Xenos! […]