Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

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Mission A44 : Bob’s Campaign 3/3 R...

Ok, Things are looking good. We rescued Bob and his family. Now we just need to get back to base. The bad part? We are now surrounded by zombies. Even worse? Bob is one of them. Yep, he died. Sorry Bob! We had to stop and rest… However, we were awakened by the sound of […]

Mission A43 : Bob’s Campaign 2/3 R...

Bob is with you, but he asks your help to rescue his wife and daughter who are trapped in a nearby building. Well, since you shut down the transformer in part 1, that means you have to do that in the dark. Weakened by his wounds, Bob asked you for a favour which you agreed […]

Mission A42 : Bob’s Campaign 1/3 R...

Bob’s Campaign, part 1! While looting a miraculously intact convenience store, you hear a strange noise… A phone was ringing. « … I’m Bob… at the Power Stat… everything… the transformer will blow up… die… everyone… trapped… » Bob is weak and needs rescuing! You heard rumors of a convenience store that, by some miracle, is still […]

Interview « Illustrateur » : Diego Bo...

L’interview et la traduction ont été réalisés par XofMdS. Diego Bonesso est le dessinateur de l’histoire des origines du Gang des Orphelins d’Invader. 13/07/2020 : 0/ As-tu une question que je pourrais poser aux autres membres du projet CMON Comics ? Je sais que la question manquait [dans mon premier envoi] pour les autres auteurs… […]

Mission M12 : The Purge

An Abomination of incredible size passed through here, leaving a trail of destruction. We have no way of defeating if, but this facility may still be salvagable… We must act quickly or the mold is going to take over everything! An Abomination of unimaginable size tore through this mining complex, leaving ruin in its wake. […]

Mission A35 : Quand tu Descendras du ...

Je n’ai jamais cru au Père Noël. Mais bon, je ne croyais pas aux zombies non plus. Je ne suis pas certain que cette chose soit vraiment le bonhomme en rouge, mais il répète inlassablement « pas sage ! » en sortant des… comment dire ça… des elfes de sa hotte. On se croirait dans un mauvais […]

Mission A41 : Loot and Rescue

So we have two goals: get back our stolen food and find our friends, who were captured by this other group before they sturned into zombies. If we can find them, they can fight alongside us! It’s always ugly when Survivors don’t work together. The other group has been trying to kill us and steal […]