Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Billets par Eren Histarion

Zombicide : Night of the Living Dead

2020/10/28 : Les livraisons de la campagne Kickstarter commence à arriver en France.  2020/09/24 : FunForge vient de partager le livret de règles en FR. 2020/08/03 : FunForge annonce sur Facebook la sortie de la boite en France pour la fin de l’année 2020. 2019/12/10 21h00 : Lancement de la campagne Kickstarter de Night […]

Mission M14 : The Teleporter

We’ve heard about a teleporter that could get us off PK-L7 for good! But we have to get there first. Can’t be much worse than where we are right? One of our most brilliant scientists has met an unfortunate end with some Xenos. But if we can activate his prototype teleporter, we might be able […]

Quête B30 : Trebuchet Touché

A Necromancer has taken over this town and rumor has it that they cannot be killed. We’ll see what our good friend the Trebuchet has to say about that! They say Necromancers can’t be killed. Never believe it myself, but now that we’ve come face to face with one it’s time to put those tales […]

Mission A46 : On the Fly

We’ve picked up a faint distress signal from a nearby Hospital. This old hunk of junk helicopter has kept us going, let’s see if she can fly one more mission. Flying overhead, you see a faint distress beacon coming from a nearby hospital. It’s a miracle they’ve survived thus far! With supplies dwindling, you don’t […]

Zombicide Season Finale 6

État des inscriptions : Paris – Palaiseau 91 : xx/24 Survivants Clermont-Ferrand – Ceyrat : xx/12 Survivants Aix-en-Provence : xx/18 Survivants Toulouse : xx/12 Survivants Rennes – Betton: xx/12 Survivants Mons – BELGIQUE: xx/24 Survivants 26/09/2020 : Pour des raisons de sécurité sanitaire lié à l’actualité de la crise COVID-19, le ZSF6 est repoussé à […]

Quête B29 : A Maze of Keys

The Maze of Keys is infamous for its allure of treasure, but also that no adventurers come out alive! But we need that treasure to continue our fight against zombies. « No one’s ever come out alive », they said. « You’re going to regret it! », they said. Despite their warnings, you find yourself wandering and eventually trapped […]

Mission M13 : The Cleansing

This outpost sure is loaded… Both with useful material and with mold! We need this back at the base, so it’s time for a deep cleaning! It was supposed to be a simple mission, cleansing a nearby outpost and salvaging what’s left. Turns out to be canisters of material that we need for headquarters. The […]

Quête B28 : The Outer Plague

It’s impossible to go outside… Piles and piles of dead have been left to rot and fester, making the air unbreathable. We need to stay indoors. And this plague appears to make the zombies stronger than ever! Piles and piles of dead have been left to rot and fester, and the air is full of […]

Zombicide: Invader – Gaming Nig...

2020-08-30 : Guillotine Games a mis à jour le livret pour corriger quelques coquilles de règles. 2020-08-21 : Guillotine Games vient de publier le livret de leur première campagne Gaming Night #1 – Deep Breath. Deep Breath est une campagne de 3 missions pour Zombicide: Invader. Vous la retrouverez dans le site de Guillotine Games […]

Mission A45 : The Wild Ride

This house seemed like a great hiding spot to get some rest. But the alarm system of the car parked right in front of it decided to randomly go off during the night and now it is attracting all sorts of zombies! If we can find the keys to the car, maybe we can escape […]