Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Guillotine Games

Mission WM31 : A New Dawn, Part 5

Now that the heroes have their new base clear, they need to gather supplies. In an abandoned warehouse, they come across Rod, who is still alive and well… Turns out, he was a traitor all along (Surprise, surprise). Let’s take him down! Dear diary, We heard rumors about an abandoned warehouse filled with supplies and […]

Mission WM30 : A New Dawn, Part 4

A New Dawn campaign returns for a second season! In part 4, our heroes finally found the entrance to the Locust shelter, only to discover they were not the first ones to do so (you guessed it: Zombies). This cool scenario is played on 2 separate boards! Dear diary, I’ve finally found the entrance to […]

Mission M29 : A New Danger

Recent research indicates that Xenos are mutating, and the larger species, which we call Abominations, are getting faster and faster. However, its evolution seems to be hampering its ability to spread the mold. Our mission is to enter a ship wreckage, retrieve the samples and of course, survive these mutated Abominations. Recent research indicates that […]

Mission WM28 : A Risky Deal

A standalone mission for Washington Z. C.! The capital has fallen and one of our Secret Service contacts has notified us that there are two important agents somewhere in the White House. They need to be moved to the presidential bunker for protection as soon as possible. Now it’s undeniable that the capital has fallen! […]

Mission WM27 : The Dead Elite Squad

A standalone scenario for Fort Hendrix! A member of the Elite Squad that was in charge of Dr. Linda Kirkland’s security has taken refuge in one of these newly-zombified sniper squad’s barracks. The morning light will give us an advantage to exfiltrate her. To the rescue! We thought hiding in a military base during the […]

Mission M27 : Cole’s Odyssey

In this new solo scenario, Cole decides to answer a call for help from an old friend: to enter his old, abandoned robot factory and retrieve three of his most important original robots. However, it will not be a simple task. Cole always had a hero’s soul. This time, he decided to answer a call […]

Mission M28 : Calling Technical Suppo...

We’re not one to turn tail and run, but we have no choice! We’re stuck in a decrepit old facility, and to escape we have to cross some dangerous external areas, but the oxygen rooms aren’t working! All we have are the tanks! Running away is no longer a choice. It’s now a necessity! My […]

Mission WM29 : The Santa HELLpers

You better watch out, better not cry, this is a special Christmas scenario! Living in a zombie apocalypse sure is tough, so this year the survivors will step in as Santa’s little HELLpers. Oh no! All of Santa Claus’ reindeer have turned into horrible zombies and the jolly, old man won’t be able to deliver […]

Mission M26 : It’s Acid

We found a mutating breed of Driller Xenos that has acidic blood. We downloaded all the research results about them onto a bot and need to escape, taking care to not get the bot dissolved – or worse, us! Our research team has found a mutating breed of Driller Xenos, enhanced with acidic blood. We […]

Mission WM26 : A Quiet Place

Things are oddly quiet here, but quiet places mean more supplies for us. But there’s a horde of zombies waiting for us, and we need to be as quiet as possible to get out! Amazingly, the streets on this side of town are strangely quiet and deserted. It looks like all this zombie apocalypse madness […]