Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !


Baraka grew up rich. She didn’t join the military out of necessity. It was more like a calling. She was unsatisfied with the life of luxury that had been thrust upon her, and she longed for the challenges, obstacles, and dangers that only a life in the army could provide. Maybe it’s because she chose this life, or maybe she’s just damn good at her job, but when the Xenos attacked, she saw it as the fulfillment of her higher purpose. She wades into the battle like someone taking their predestined place in the universe.

Baraka est une Survivante de la classe des Soldats.

06/03/2018 : Ce personnage est annoncé en teasing de la campagne Kickstarter d’Invader. La sculpture est du studio Bigchild Creatives.

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