Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !


Mission M9 : Broken Generators

There antimatter generators sure are great… except when they aren’t. They got out of alignment and now we need to fix them, but boy, do they make a lot of noise! 29/05/2020 : Retrouvez la 9ème Mission écrite par CMON. Broken Generators est une mission pour la Zombicide: Invader, Facile, en 4 Dalles, qui vous prendra environ […]

Quête B24 : Trebuchet repairs

We found a trebuchet! Such a great weapon, it is sure to help our defenses back in the camp… Except it’s broken. Quick, we need to find the wheel before we get eaten alive! We found a trebuchet! It would be such a great weapon for our defenses! Unfortunately, one if its wheels is missing […]

Quête B23 : Keychain

Ok, so we are locked in this village. The zombies trapped in are sure the be what’s left from the villagers that lived here, so some of them are sure to have keys that can help us get out. But which ones? Guess we’ll have to elliminate them all to find out! Looks like the […]

Mission M8 : Locked Out

Oh, great. We’re locked out. The doors that lead to the safe zone can only be opened by a modified bot with the encryption codes. But there are just so many of them! We had a meeting with a surface-dweller, Mitsuki, when Xenos erupted and forced us to take another route. Mitsuki directed us toward […]

Mission M7 : Door Delivery

Our supply crates are here. But how to retrieve them outside before the Xenos get to them first? The Black Squad (Black Ops expansion) went out of their way with their dropship to provide us with supply crates taken from deep within PK-L7, where no one will need them anymore. Batteries, clothes, hygiene products, medicine, […]

Quête B22 : Threatening Horde

The Hordes are rallying up. A Necromancer is mustering the troops as he sees fit. We need the help of an assassin, a cold-blooded murderer, who can infiltrate their defenses and kill this Necromancer. Find the assassin and bring him to the Necromancer’s Lair. We need to elliminate the Necromancer summoning all these troops. But […]

Mission A40 : Infested Tents

We’ve found a good place to settle for a few days, the only problem is there’s a bunch of tents outside infested by zombies. We must clear it all before night falls. This fire gadget is the perfect tool for this quest. Don’ t ask how it works, because we’re not sure either, but it […]

Mission M6 : Blind Law

Our ship was badly damaged during Operation Black Dawn (see Black Ops Missions), and spare parts are hard to come by. The few captains still orbiting PK-L7 can’t help, due to the quarantine. However, we saw a falling star, in the form of a ship going down in an uncontrolled descent, and made a wish. […]

Quête B21 : The Orc’s Trap

We’ve fallen right into the Necromancer’s trap. A giant deadly wall of spikes is advancing from behind! Can you escape before being crushed by the spikes (or killed by the Orcs)? We fell into the necromancer’s trap with no way back. We can either die by the spikes, die by the orcs, or get out. […]

Mission M1 : Mission Robot

Nous voilà enfermés dans la station, sans le moindre réservoir d’oxygène ! Notre unique espoir est de contrôler le robot qui se trouve dehors et de l’envoyer récupérer les derniers réservoirs d’oxygène de la station voisine ! 17/01/2020 : Retrouvez la 1ère Mission écrite par Guillotine Games. Mission Robot est une mission pour la Zombicide: Invader, Moyenne, […]

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