Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Black Plague

Quête B30 : Trebuchet Touché

A Necromancer has taken over this town and rumor has it that they cannot be killed. We’ll see what our good friend the Trebuchet has to say about that! They say Necromancers can’t be killed. Never believe it myself, but now that we’ve come face to face with one it’s time to put those tales […]

Quête B29 : A Maze of Keys

The Maze of Keys is infamous for its allure of treasure, but also that no adventurers come out alive! But we need that treasure to continue our fight against zombies. « No one’s ever come out alive », they said. « You’re going to regret it! », they said. Despite their warnings, you find yourself wandering and eventually trapped […]

Quête B28 : The Outer Plague

It’s impossible to go outside… Piles and piles of dead have been left to rot and fester, making the air unbreathable. We need to stay indoors. And this plague appears to make the zombies stronger than ever! Piles and piles of dead have been left to rot and fester, and the air is full of […]

Quête B27 : The Epic Curse

On top of the plague, this village has also been cursed by a necromancer. Weapons just fall apart, making it impossible to even try to defend the town. We have to lift the curse if we want to have a chance! A local enchanter revealed himself as a necromancer after the plague began and cast […]

Quête B18 : Naevok le Nécromancien

Un nécromancien orque sème le chaos dans la petite bourgade de Zaragon. Il est presque invincible et notre seul moyen de la vaincre consiste à rassembler les différents ingrédients de la potion qui annule son sortilège de protection. 31/01/2020 : Retrouvez la 18ème Quête écrite par Guillotine Games. Naevok le Nécromancien est une quête pour […]

Quête B26 : Gear Up

In the beggining of the undead outbreak, a convoy carrying the best possible weapons was lost while heading to the royal palace and everything was lost… Or is it? We discovered the exact location it was attacked, if we look hard enough, we may find those weapons laying around! Time to gear up! As the […]

Quête B17 : Portails Néfastes

Une force maléfique crée des failles inter-dimensionnelles qui dévastent la cité. Ce n’est qu’en assemblant une ancienne relique connue sous le nom de Baguette de Négation que nous parviendrons à sauver notre ville ! 10/01/2020 : Retrouvez la 17ème Quête écrite par Guillotine Games. Dangerous Portals est une quête pour Zombicide: Green Horde, Difficile, en […]

Quête B25 : A Party divided

We were exploring and fell into a trap that scattered us across the area. We must reunite before we can escape! We were exploring the area for potential survivors, and walked into a trap. Someone tried to design a magical teleportation device, and failed. We are now divided across the area, and orc zombies are […]

Quête B24 : Trebuchet repairs

We found a trebuchet! Such a great weapon, it is sure to help our defenses back in the camp… Except it’s broken. Quick, we need to find the wheel before we get eaten alive! We found a trebuchet! It would be such a great weapon for our defenses! Unfortunately, one if its wheels is missing […]

Quête B23 : Keychain

Ok, so we are locked in this village. The zombies trapped in are sure the be what’s left from the villagers that lived here, so some of them are sure to have keys that can help us get out. But which ones? Guess we’ll have to elliminate them all to find out! Looks like the […]