Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Missions VO

Web Mission E3 : The Legend of the Su...

In part 2 of our mini campaign, we’ll find out if the Sunrise Riders will be able to find their saddles. If they can find it and survive until sunrise, they’ll get the new folks to the big town to catch the last train out of this hell. Amazing! We found two good horses! But […]

Web Mission E2 : The Legend of the Su...

A mini campaign in the West! We are riders, and this damn apocalypse wiped out almost every horse in the Wild West, but there are rumors that say they saw a horse walking around here… We are riders, and this damn apocalypse wiped out almost every horse in the Wild West. We could get out […]

Quête B51 : Burn’em all!

These Orcs can take me, but don’t they DARE touch my pets! Two of our magical pets got lost in the northern caves, where many tainted monsters reside. They will pay a high price for this! Two of our magical pets got lost in the northern caves ruled by the Orcs. The worst part is […]

Mission M28 : Calling Technical Suppo...

We’re not one to turn tail and run, but we have no choice! We’re stuck in a decrepit old facility, and to escape we have to cross some dangerous external areas, but the oxygen rooms aren’t working! All we have are the tanks! Running away is no longer a choice. It’s now a necessity! My […]

Mission WM29 : The Santa HELLpers

You better watch out, better not cry, this is a special Christmas scenario! Living in a zombie apocalypse sure is tough, so this year the survivors will step in as Santa’s little HELLpers. Oh no! All of Santa Claus’ reindeer have turned into horrible zombies and the jolly, old man won’t be able to deliver […]

Mission M26 : It’s Acid

We found a mutating breed of Driller Xenos that has acidic blood. We downloaded all the research results about them onto a bot and need to escape, taking care to not get the bot dissolved – or worse, us! Our research team has found a mutating breed of Driller Xenos, enhanced with acidic blood. We […]

Mission WM26 : A Quiet Place

Things are oddly quiet here, but quiet places mean more supplies for us. But there’s a horde of zombies waiting for us, and we need to be as quiet as possible to get out! Amazingly, the streets on this side of town are strangely quiet and deserted. It looks like all this zombie apocalypse madness […]

Quête B50 : The Cursed Village

In this special scenario with 2 different endings, you have to find you comrades and escape the Village fast! Take too long and you might have to face the consequences of your delay… We all thought that this damn plague wouldn’t last long and that the symptoms would just be weak, as if it were […]

Mission Mode Zombie #002 : The Anti-H...

Tony Stark was able to put together a device that controls our relentless hunger. That could really make our undead lives a lot more bearable. Unfortunately, our resources have limited us to building only one such machine. To produce more of them, we need to strike the Oscorp building and gain access to its secret […]

Mission WM25 : Creepy Corners

In this new scenario, the survivors must collect food before heading to an old, abandoned subway station under construction. However, access to this tunnel is at a very “fun” location known as Creepy Corners and you will need to go through what is indeed a very creepy and tight passage… Lou discovered an underground passage […]