Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Missions VO

Mission C65 : Entre le Marteau et l’E...

« Alors, c’est ça le ‘commissariat sécurisé’ que tu veux transformer en planque ? – Ben, la dernière fois que j’y suis venu, la sécurité était au top. Portes électroniques, caméras de surveillance et tout le toutim… – Ouais, ça a l’air super, mais pour l’instant y a plus de jus et le portail est grand […]

Quête B3 : La Couronne Royale

Bouter les zombies hors du royaume implique de rassembler les survivants sous notre bannière. Ce n’est qu’en réussissant un coup d’éclat symbolique que nous y parviendrons. Le roi a été vaincu et il erre probablement quelque part, en quête de chair fraîche. Nous devons retrouver sa couronne. C’est un devoir sacré ! Et en plus, […]

Mission A32 : Go to Bed

In the old world, getting a bed was quite easy as long as you had the money. Money is not an issue anymore, but finding an appropriate bed is harder nonetheless. I don’t mean just any rotten, verminfilled mattress. The best models around, and the most resilient to zombies, are the army folding beds. These […]

Mission A31 : Just a Nightmare

Night after night, I wake up from this horrible nightmare. I’m in a prison. All the doors are wide open. Zombies are coming from everywhere. I can’t see an exit. No escape. I don’t need to explain how it ends, right? Last night, I woke up with an idea. I’m a survivor. I zombicide. I […]

Mission A30 : Zombie Burger

Before the zombies, Fat Joe Burger was a famous place where you could eat amazing burgers with a unique taste. Fat Joe had a « special ingredient » in his secret recipe, you see. Well, it seems that this special ingredient has some unpleasant effects on zombies. First, it attracts them. Second, it gives them an otherworldly […]

Mission B6 : Run, You Fools!

You heard the guy. We’d better do like he says.   Retrouvez la 6ème Quête écrite par Guillotine Games. Run, You Fools! est une quête pour la Zombicide : Black Plague, Difficile, en 6 dalles, qui vous prendra environ 90 minutes à 4 Survivants ou plus.     Vous la retrouverez dans le section Support du site […]

Mission B5 : Hush!

We’re out to explore what remains of the richest district in this city, but there are huge zombie herds all around the place. There are too many of them for us to kill, so we’d better get in and out as quietly as possible, preferably without being seen. It won’t be easy…   Retrouvez la […]

Mission B4 : Haunted Manor

The manor we found was haunted long before any zombies came to ruin its glory with their rotten fingers and stinking fluid losses. The ghosts were renown for their bad tempers, and the zombie plague has sent them into unending fits of rage. It’s nothing to bother us, except that these stupid poltergeists have limited […]

Mission A29 : A Game Called Survival

We worked hard to fill a couple cars’ tanks, and are travelling to our next destination. We’re making a halt in one of these small towns sprouting along the highway, to plunder the stuff we will need in our next shelter. More often than not, these pit stops are still filled with goodies. We must […]

Mission A28 : The Vault of Hell

We were exploring an old bank when we discovered an odd door in the vault. It was leading to an underground bunker from the early 60’s, and looked in perfect condition. Then we got through the airlock without sending a scout first… Good news: the vault is huge. Like huge. Bad news: we’re now in […]