Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Missions VO

Quête B12 : Improvised Projectile

Good news: we found a trebuchet. Bad news: we have nothing to fire from it. That’s really frustrating, since we are facing some kind of orc fortification overcrowded with zombies. I suppose we will have to leave and—wait. Wait, wait, wait… What if we manage to use one of these big orc zombies instead of […]

Mission A34 : Zombicide 101

We just set up in this area and discovered something unusual about the zombies here. They lay ambushes for anyone wandering around the buildings. We found their main nest after a couple hours of research, and we are going to purge them all. This is our town now.Time for Zombicide! Retrouvez la 34ème Mission écrite […]

Mission A28 : Le Bunker de l’Enfer

C’est en explorant une banque abandonnée que nous avons découvert cette ancienne porte dans la salle des coffres. Elle menait à un bunker souterrain datant des années 60 qui semblait toujours en parfait état. On s’est faufilés par le sas sans prendre la peine d’envoyer un éclaireur… La bonne nouvelle, c’est que cet endroit est […]

Mission A33 : Drive by Bombing

Night is falling and we don’t have time to clean out the block. So Phil came up with a risky but fun idea: lure the zombies to us and blast them in the quickest available way. Buuuut… Ned and Wanda showed a little too much enthusiasm and made the infected come before we were fully […]

Quête B11 : Aqua Maledicta

Upon entering the city of Dornwich*, we immediately noticed the eerie silence, strange even for an infected town with sealed doors. Stranger still, animal bodies litter every corner, untouched by scavengers. Upon examination, we figured they got poisoned. Baldric was the first to understand when he saw a strangely armored zombie guarding a well: Dornwich’s […]

Quête B10 : Bulls On Parade

The brave people we rescued* told us that they were spared for their special skills. Their captors were taking them to the town of Dornwich to serve « the Usurer », a rich and respected figure among the necromancers. Dornwich fell long ago and became an outpost for our enemies. Some heroes tried to reclaim it and […]

Quête B9 : Help Kanta Slaus

Traditionally, during the Winter Night (the longest night of winter), the Winter God Kanta Slaus gives gifts to nice people and curses those who committed evil during the past year. Of course, necromancers know that they won’t get gifts from Kanta Slaus, so they try to steal them from the god. The winter temple is […]

Quête B8 : Slave Drivers

We spotted the most unusual thing during a patrol: living people held captive by necromancers and taken away to an unknown location. From their attire, most of them are notables. They were quite far away, but we think we saw at least an apothecary and a blacksmith. We assume that the necromancers stick by their […]

Quête B7 : In The Lion’s Mouth

Lionsmouth used to be a modest town on the road to the capital. Its inhabitants offered quite a valiant resistance against the zombie hordes. When the infected waves finally overwhelmed the city, the necromancers turned Lionsmouth into a necropolis, as an example for all to see. We came to find the beacons that allow the […]

Quête B4 : Manoir Hanté

Le manoir en haut de la colline était déjà hanté avant que l’arrivée des zombies. Leur présence enrage les fantômes, et ils le font savoir. C’est à vous de faire le ménage par le vide, et de mettre tout ce petit monde au repos. Un repos éternel, bien sûr… Le manoir que nous avons découvert […]