Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Community Card: Aaahh !

Almost 15 days of discussions, 20 pages on the forum topic, 3 designers, 7 brains, 50 fingers and 1 good idea to arrive at this result, so I’m quite proud to present this first Equipment card by our community!

Copyright Zombicide Fan Site Community

The purpose of this card is to provide a negative alternative to the Zombie Aaahh! into Equipment cards deck, here we empty an area that will be searched. The effect is applicable in a room of a building but also on a police car, since the name Aaahh! was kept in order to stop the search of the car. We also recommend to slide 4 of this into your Equipment cards deck.
This card is accompanied by an original skill, Meticulous, which allows to search in an area where you normally can not, such as a cell of Prison Outbreak or area affected by this card Aaahh!.

Meticulous: The Survivor may normally search a Zone where it is not allowed. A Survivor cannot be Meticulous in a street Zone.

Eren Histarion

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5 Commentaires

  1. XofMdS XofMdS
  2. Dimoscis Dimoscis

    I love this idea for the various Aaahh! cards, the « gear » symbol is cool. Is this something you came up with, or from somewhere else?

    • 12/07/2014    

      Thank you. 🙂

      PöCöm made this from random images from Google Image. This gear means that the card has been designed by our (french) community.

  3. XofMdS XofMdS

    NB: Une correction a été remontée par la communauté anglophone:
    Nouvelle version ici

    • Pierre Pierre

      merci !

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