Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Community tile: N3D

11 days, 27 pages thread on the french forum, 17 takes and 136 layers to come up with an hommage to Ned’s bunker.

N3D stands for Nerd Dungeon, 3 rooms. It is a 100% indoor tile on which everything has been added. Everything that could be in a bunker.

Idea: Diab
Conception: Diab, XofMdS, Polymorfale, and the whole fan-site french-speaking community
Graphism: Polymorfale

HD Source (16 Meg)


Bonus 1: custom print test by Polymorfale. Not the final version, hence the dark walls.





Bonus 2: Galery of the tile’s evolution.

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  1. Scott Scott

    Great stuff man, was an awesome idea, much appreciated : )

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