Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Interview « I am Legend »: Adam

Here is the last KS2 Legend inside story, Adam von Boltenstern.

The interview was designed and conducted by XofMdS:
Tiffany is American, Julien is from Belgium. What about you?

I’m from the United states, specifically Oakland California.

How and when did you found out about Zombicide?

I saw the first game at a game store. Looked at some reviews and went back a week later to buy it.

How did you decide to take the huge « I am Legend » step?

I decided the « I am Legend » would be awesome because I love the game. I also teach 11 to 13 year old kids, so that’d be a fun thing to share with my students. My friends and I love the game and get a lot of play time. When the kickstarter went live I was in it within 30 seconds clicking away.

After the KS is over, how did Guillotine Games and you processed into the design of your Survivor? Is there any Easter egg around its art? Did you get to choose your weapon(s)?

They emailed me for photos, which a friend who is a photographer took. When they saw the tattoos they asked about them, so I sent multiple photos of my arm sleeve. The art is actually from the DC character ‘The Flash’, the little girl is Iris West, the second Impulse before the 52 reboot. The pants were actually a kilt with the same color.

I did get to choose the weapons, I told them I would like a skill involving a dog or driving, we’ll see.

After the KS is over, how did Guillotine Games and you processed into the profile of your Survivor? Did you get some access to new Skills to eventually pick one of them? Does it reflect some kind of your personality, or did you choose a more fictional path? What about your Zombivor? Doesn’t it feel weird to have this reflection of yourself?

My zombie looks creepy, so awesome. I gave them a brief bio, so we’ll see what they use.

We can’t imagine the « pride » (maybe a better word would fit) you can feel now that it comes a bit to the open. Are there anyone in your « neighborhood » with whom you can share that?

I’ve been sharing with friends about it. They think it is totally my personality, to want to be a playable character.

What are your next moves regarding Zombicide?

I am all in for their next kickstarter, I’ve done a few and all have been great! If they do another I might try and get my girlfriend to be Legend.


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