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Marvel Zombies Heroes’ Resistance

2022-07-01 : On peut trouver sur la page Kickstarter du projet le commentaire suivant, de Michael Shinall :

« Hello everyone! So, I’ve noticed some information out there in regards to the Heroes’ Resistance box and, being the designer of it, I’d like to try and clarify some points, as the amount of misinformation I’m seeing in various places is just… well, pretty high… though understandable.

First, aside from the box cover, I have yet to see any game images on ANY site that have been correct. In fact, a number of images posted on various retailer sites seems to just be random assets thrown up. An example being one site that posted a Zombie Hulk game piece and a Zombie Captain America Dashboard as being in the box – nether of which are (details below!). So, first and foremost, while I personally don’t know why and/or how some of these things are being posted, I would take them all entirely with a grain of salt until official word hits the web (and before anyone asks, we, as a company, don’t have much control over what independent retailers post to their sites).

Beyond that, I’ve seen lots of questions out there based on this inaccurate information that further confuse people, essentially having turned things into one big game of telephone where the bad game info leads to more bad info. So let’s nip that immediately with a few points:

1. Heroes’ Resistance is a direct-to-retail/mass market product by Spin Master Games, with specific focus towards creating a more compact and approachable version of the standard Marvel Zombies Core Box. None of the rules or mechanics are different from the « standard » version of the game.

2. Most components inside are direct copies or modifications of things that exist mainly in the core boxes. E.g., the tiles are the same art (though there are less tiles total than in the standard core), the zombies and bystanders are standees using new zombie artwork, with only the Super and Zombie Heroes appearing as game pieces, though with different designs. There are no plastic player dashboards (replaced with spinners and trackers), and overall card counts have been cut down to reflect the smaller scope of the product.

3. The ID cards for the Super Heroes in the game ARE cross-compatible and feature slightly modified skillsets.

4. The game ONLY FEATURES HERO MODE. This is a big one because some outlets list that it come with both Zombie and Hero mode – It does not. It’s Hero Mode only. There are zero cross-compatible components for playing in Zombie Mode (i.e. no Zombie Cap ID cards, as mentioned above).

5. The game is for 1-4 players, instead of 6 like the the standard game.

6. For the scope of this product – It’s not a replacement for the X-Men Resistance Core Box, nor should it be viewed as a « lesser » product. It is simply a different product with a different scope compared to a typical Core Box. Having one doesn’t invalidate the other, just depends on what you, as an individual, are after- the full Zombicide experience with nice game pieces, large maps, tons of variety & options, and bigger missions, or a version that, due to its smaller scope and streamlined components, offers a concise and condensed Zombicide experience.

Finally, one other item I want to address, which ties into point number 6, are the concerns about the X-Men Core Box going to retail. While there can be absolutely no guarantees in regards to anything with the state of… well, the world… at the moment, we laid out our plans specifically listing what was and was not Kickstarter Exclusive and nothing has changed since then. Yes, its happened elsewhere in the past that some items received only limited releases and quantities, or didn’t make it to retail at all, but by and large most everything we do not list as KS Exclusive eventually makes it to retail. Again, I can’t speak on this in depth, or say this is absolutely going to be the case, because it’s literally not my department, and I would never want to put words in other people’s mouths, but I can say our plans have not changed.

So, I do hope some of that has clarified things for people who are rightly asking questions because of the bad info posted out there. I’ve definitely seen a number of things that have led to incorrect assumptions being made, and I hope this helped to clear a few things up. I’m sure some better, more official statement is being prepped and is coming, but in the meantime I wanted to share the above. »

2022-06-01 : L’éditeur Spin Master Games propose une version allégée de Marvel Zombies sur l’Amazon canadien.

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