Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Survivants Crossover B-Sieged – Black Plague

31/01/2016 00h30 : Des photos des fiches de Survivants issu de B-Sieged sont apparues sur Internet :

15/05/2015 : La campagne Kickstarter de B-Sieged, une autre production CMON, propose en palier de bonus crossover avec des fiches de personnages Zombicide: Black Plague pour leur héros. Au moins, on voit le nouveau visuel de ces fiches, plus compactes.

The Heroes of B-Sieged are coming to fight the zombie infection in Zombicide: Black Plague!

All of our backers just got for free the Survivor ID Cards for the 8 B-Sieged Heroes from both Sons of the Abyss and the Darkness & Fury expansion to play in Zombicide: Black Plague, our next Kickstarter campaign!

The Heroes that will come in this set are:

  • Osvith, the Paladin
  • Eileen, the Archer
  • Kador, the Sorcerer
  • Orobox, the Mercenary
  • Myrinia, the Smuggler
  • Lugh, the Blacksmith
  • Khaz Maghur, the Renegade Orc
  • Bjorn, the Dwarf

Note that in order to get this reward, you must be a backer with a Defender-level pledge (or Defender Early Bird). This set of 8 survivor ID Cards is a Kickstarter exclusive set, and doesn’t include extra miniatures, it comes only with the exclusive ID Cards.

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