Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Interview « What about Zombivors »: Nicolas Raoult


1- Flashback: who had the original idea to offer a zombie alternative for the heroes? What was behind that idea?

The Zombivors appeared during the first Zombicide Kickstarter. We thought it would be cool to have a zombie version of the heroes, to bring another funny touch into the game. A bit later, we thought it would be cooler to play those versions. At that time, Zombicide was a totally and only cooperative game for us. Introducing a player to control the zombies would need too many rules. Eddie, the mascot of the Iron Maiden band, was our inspiration for the Zombivors!

2- Once the idea in the air, how did you managed to get the concept of a « hero-turned-into-zombie » into the game (and have the Zombivors we know)?

Because of their particular status, we considered that their skills could be exotic. The challenge was to keep their former personality, game-wise, and have a zombie twist on it. They are slower but have sometime very powerful skills.

3- How did you playtest to get the final rules of Resurection, Zombivors and Skills?

We defined a list of skills dedicated to Zombivors, and we introduced them into the standard profile of the chosen Survivors. Then we played them, again and again and again, until we had something both easy to remember and remarkable on the board. Playing a Zombivor is to be a Survivor like no other. Really.

4- Was any mechanism left on the side (which one)? A skill maybe?

None that I could remember of.

5- Is there a specific M.O. to build the Zombivor profile from the Survivor profile? Any « do » or « do not »?

Everything is on the actual ID cards. The Yellow skill is specialized. Then one Orange and one Red skill are each replaced by a Zombivor skill. We tend to modify the move oriented skills first (but not always).



6- I realize that in fact the zombie of Zombicide has to be more defined to judge the logic with which Survivors react to zombies and Zombivors (object of the following questions). Is the zombie a dead human coming back from the dead, or a transformed live human, without conscience? (Because that is the spoiled keystone of a Zombivor, that he still has his former conscience.)

The Zombicide zombies are alive. Whether they have a conscience or not is a mystery I do not wish to disclose for the moment. 🙂

7- So the Zombies attacking someone alive kill him for good, or do they change him into a zombie/Zombivor?

They try to turn him into a zombie, but they show lethal enthusiasm doing it.

8- Talking about fluff, how do humans in a team made the first distinction between a presumably dead coming back as a zombie attacking them and a presumably dead coming back as a zombie that will prove friendly?

The Zombivor talked to them.

9- The human give it enough time to actually speak?

Generally, no. It is up to the Zombivor to try and let them know who he is.

10- Fluff-wise again, there is a mechanism (biology, magic, virus, wtf) to explain the transformation of a human into a zombie on one hand, into a Zombivor on the other hand. Yet they do share the same cause, « given » by other zombie(s). What decide if it is the one or the other? That being said, it is not a zombie on the first hand, but a regular Walker, or toxic or berserker, or a regular Runner, or toxic, etc, a mechanism that is yet to be explained too!

We do not want to share the information at the moment.


11- Still fluff-wise, the upcoming of « Ultimate » Survivors raises the question about the official individual story of each Survivor. Does it even exist, or is each life left open? (Even more with the Lost status!)

The life of each Survivor is left open, at least for now.

12- Disclosed information about Lost Zombivors imply that it turns into a zombie in the end, it being only a matter of time. How does a teamwith both Survivor(s) and Zombivor(s) handle such transition?

The invasion is too recent to let anyone knows if the lost status is inescapable for the Zombivors. Anyway, no one trusts Zombivors. Now that the first Lost appeared more than ever.

13- « Inescapable »!! Is that question valid regarding Zombivor and back to Human?

There again, it is too soon to speak about that. (you missed that line, didn’t you? ^^)



14- Let’s have a history lesson. Since when do zombies exist in the Zombicide universe (not necessarily in so many numbers)? Zombivors? Maybe in the middle-age of this universe, maybe before? Who get the idea of some prequel of the universe, and since when is it alive (talking about Black Plague)?

Let me answer with a question. Why would you think that Black Plague and actual Zombicide take place in the same universe?

15- I asked before the fantastic aspect of Black Plague was spoiled. With the known information, either it is the same universe – with some aspects to clarify –, either they are distinct. Question is: Is it the same universe? If not, are they linked? Would there be causal connections?

That is not defined yet.

16- Let’s assume that a Survivor-Zombivor couple is inspired by some character. Such supposed inspiration seems to work only with the Survivor. Would there ever be such alleged take on the Zombivor? ^^

Movies, books or music are filled with undeads that are heroic and/or sympathetic. 🙂

17- Zombivor, Ultimate, Lost. Is there any new hero status coming up?

« Surprise ».

18 – Will Black Plague Survivors have Zombivor version?

I said « Surprise ». 😉

[Eren Histarion: On 04/18/2015 Guillotine Games answered on Facebook about Black Plague Zombivors.]

Jason Jackson: Will the Zombivor mechanic be part of the rules for Black Plague?

Guillotine Games: No, It will not…

Thank you Nicolas !

See you soon!


Zombifiez, partagez !

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