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Community card: CheyTac .50 Rifle

Copyright Polymorfale
Copyright Zombicide Fan Site Community

This custom card introduces a few (custom) concepts that have to be explained, for them to be played the closest to the community’s feeling.

CheyTac .50 Rifle:

  • Heavy Weapon: Does not bring anything. It is a way to bring Assistant’s bonuses only to our cards, and no other weapons.
  • Shots across walls: The CheyTac .50 Rifle comes with a revolutionary vision system, which tracks targets in any conditions, through any materials. Walls are simply ignored when Lines of Sight are checked.
  • A Lot! : The Cheytac is both a very precise weapon and an heavy weapon. Thus its damages are also precise and lethal. Any Actor, including Abominations and Berserkers Zombies, may be targetted and terminated. Target Priority rules still apply though!
  • Scope: As a Rifle, we agreed that the CheyTac .50 Rifle and a Scope from the game can combine, giving « Sniper » skill to the CheyTac. (the ultimate Sniper CheyTac .50 Rifle)



  • CheyTac .50 Rifle is Ultrared. We recommand having only one per Equipment deck.
  • CheyTac .50 Rifle is compatible with an Assistant. But we recommend that no Assistant is automatically picked up when the CheyTac is drawn (on the contrary to Dr Vulcan‘s recommendations).
  • The Assistant is a regular Equipment, working only with heavy weapons. We recommand having one per heavy weapon per Equipment deck.
  • These are advice. Feel free to use them as you wish.

With the participation of XofMdS, Polymorfale and « A Lot! » of people from the forum’s community.


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