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Community card: Dr Vulcan and its Assistant

Angus never had luck.
As his childhood went by, he was mocked by everyone around because he spent all his time working on some bike or the lawnmower in his family’s mobile-home backyard.
Shy and fragile, he never talked back. As a teenager, he passed from bikes to cars, but he was still mocked.
He joined the army to toughen up and it was not long before war came and he went overseas.
Badly wounded during his first battle, he could not fight anymore.
The army transferred him into the maintenance unit where his shrewdness and technical skills were going to be put to good use.
It is a pity that when the zombie war came he was off duty at his parents. It is too bad that his last DIY could have saved his ass.
Angus never had luck.

Copyright Zombicide Fan Site Communauté

This custom card introduces a few (custom) concepts that have to be explained, for them to be played the closest to the community’s feeling.

Dr Vulcan:

  • Heavy Weapon: Does not has any effect. It is a way to bring Assistant’s bonuses only to our cards, and no other weapons.
  • [1-3]: We wanted to have a weapon shooting on multiple Zones at the same time. It has to be read [min-max]. During the Distance Action, all Zones from the min ton the (included) targetted Zone count as one and only one Zone to dispatch hits. Targets’ Priorities stand, all Actors are considered on the same Zone.

Shannon has Dr Vulcan in hand. She wants to clean up a street to protect her team. She shoots at Distance 3, the weapon’s max Distance.
In the Distance 1 Zone: 3 Walkers, 1 Fatty and 1 Runner.
In the Distance 2 Zone: 1 Fatty and 1 Walker.
In the Distance 3 Zone: 2 Walkers and 2 Runners.
She shoots on all three Zones at the same time, and gets 5 hits, that she has to dispatch among all 6 Walkers, 2 Fatties and 3 Runners.
She’ll take 5 Walkers out, at her choosing. She decides to leave one one the farest Zone (Distance 3).

If Shannon’d had 7 hits, she could have get riden of 6 Walkers only. Because Fatties protect Runners.



  • Roll 7: +1 Die Distance: This Skill is based on the « Roll 6: +1 Die Distance » from TCM, without any over 6 restriction. It favours a bit the Survivors with Skills such as « +1 to Dice Roll: Distance » or « +1 to Dice Roll: Combat ». They can get (6+1=)7, thus gaining extra dice.
  • Free Reloads: Like Saw-Offs, Dr Vulcan need reloads. Assistant nullifies this need, thus favouring those who keep both card in hand.



  • Dr Vulcan is Ultrared. We recommand having only one per Equipment deck.
  • The Assistant is a regular Equipment, working only with heavy weapons. We recommand having one per heavy weapon per Equipment deck.
  • Wanting to play Dr Vulcan and Assistant? We recommand to let the Assistant alongside, with Molotovs, Pimpmobile weapons. it should be automatically picked up when Dr Vulcan is drawn.
  • These are advice. Feel free to use them as you wish.

With participations of: XofMdS, PöCöm and eithelgul; and interventions of the forum’s community. (Ace95, Car0nline, Eren Histarion, Gyldermist, Hugues, Joe Liqueur, Matt, Polymorfale, Tagazog, aerazomb, diab, etienne, louloulou, marmotte84, nolane, oldschool, wolfman et zesteph)

Zombifiez, partagez !
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