Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Donna, la Fashionista

« At least I don’t have to worry about price tags anymore. »

Donna has always had superior taste. Her sense of art, music, and especially clothing was far superior to more pedestrian intellects. Unfortunately, she had zero talent for craftsmanship. She had the eye, but the ability always eluded her. Still, she made a decent living as a consultant, especially for a number of B-grade martial arts films. She was on the set when the zombie apocalypse began, surrounded by elegant weapons. While Donna hasn’t quite gotten used to the grunge and squalor of Survivor living, she has found one bright side: She has her pick of clothes. The zombies are almost an aside when they stand between her and particularly elegant evening wear. Any Survivor groups are guaranteed to improve their image, just by having her around.

Zombifiez, partagez !
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      Hum, Donna et Thaissa dans la même équipe… :p

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