Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !



The new guy discretly asked me what West was doing by « my » side, in a gesture loaded with inuendo. All get there sooner or later… The answer is so simple that it deceives them all the same: solidarity is most precious; any help is accepted. There is no room among survivors for prejudice, or everyone is endangered.
As long as West can give me his « last name, first name and profession », our hourly ritual, he is as suitable as my best friend as anyone else. Don’t get too excited, though. At the first word of gibberish, one of us would have to run very fast.

A-Zombivors (Abominations Zombivors) are Survivors like any other, with noticable exceptions as follows:

  • Any A-Zombivor in play forbids the same Abomination to spawn – at least the same sculpture. The substitution rule applies and a Fatty with retenue spawns instead.
  • A A-Zombivor do not have any Survivor’s profile. If he dies – at 5th Wound – he cannot ressurect, but the mini is laid down anyway, in his Zone, off game. When a Zombie card spawns an Abomination of any type, dead A-Zombivors may also come back into play, whatever the cause of their death. They discard all their Wound cards and keep the rest of their inventory.

A-Zombivors share some Abomination’s traits:

  • A Survivor that kills one get 5XP.
  • Any bonus or malus which involves an Abomination applies:
    • A 3 Damage weapon requirement to wound an A-Zombivor, resulting in 3 Wounds.
    • Skills specifically linked to Abominations. « Collector: Abomination » for instance. A Survivor with « Dreadnought: Abomination » cannot be wounded by an A-Zombivor: the Survivor would tank the A-Zombivor’s Ranged attacks targeting his Zone, which could not be asigned on an upper target priority.
    • On the other side, any Skill linked with Zombies, like « Taunt » or « Shove », cannot be used on an A-Zombivor.

If there is any doubt or incompatibility, Survivor aspect wins

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