Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Mission M8 : Locked Out

Oh, great. We’re locked out. The doors that lead to the safe zone can only be opened by a modified bot with the encryption codes. But there are just so many of them!
We had a meeting with a surface-dweller, Mitsuki, when Xenos erupted and forced us to take another route. Mitsuki directed us toward what she calls a « backdoor », a closed access to a safe zone. The thing is, we’re locked out. The doors are reinforced with spacecraft plating and locked using military codes. The corresponding keycards are scattered all over the place, and only a modified bot can use them.
Considering the corpses lying around, quite a few bandits have tried forcing the backdoor open to raid the safe zone’s reserves. Driller Xenos are efficient gatekeepers, indeed.

15/05/2020 : Retrouvez la 8ème Mission écrite par CMONLocked Out est une mission pour la Zombicide: Dark Side, Moyenne, en 6 Dalles, qui vous prendra environ 120 minutes à 6 Survivants ou plus.

Vous la retrouverez dans le site de Guillotine Games ou en bas du minisite Zombicide: Invader de Edge Entertainment une fois traduite (Il faut être connecté sur leur site pour pouvoir télécharger le fichier).

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