Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

South Park Survivors


The fan-site watch department was quickly aware that the Zombicide game made it into a South Park episode.

The intel department quickly looked out for information from officials, from both Zombicide and South Park. Was there any deal, and therefore game material beside the cameo? Was there any Zombicide release prepared to respond to South Park, game material speaking? The investigation was published.

Moreover, the R&D department wished to quickly produce its own release, since there would be no official one:

You are free to make survivors inspired by South Park, but none shall be regarded as “official”

Guillotine Games

Former Survivor oriented projects (Human Companions, A-Zombivors) used illustrations from the game. The female A-Bomb proved how hard it is otherwise to have an official polish in the end.
How could we create brand new characters and keep a game standard result?

The community was close to play the “Kovalic” card and use illustration from the cartoon when Brutal Benji came up with a brand new tool for Survivor customization: the mash-up.

We had our path.

For the game profiles, we wanted each character to stay true to his personality and blend in the game as well. First tries were not that satisfying. It lacked some impact.

We worked in order to change that and to build a team which had its own new flavour. This process used some remarks buried in the South Park threads. Meaning the long term use of starting gear, often dismissed when the Mission or the Campaign goes on.

The biographies were written to fit everything in, even when bios, profiles and illustrations influence one another.

We are proud of the result and hope you’ll have fun to have the Comedy Central bad boys turn your gameboard upside down.

A special thank you to Brutal Benji (design & co), PinkEye (design, cover & co) and KingZombie (English review).


Zombifiez, partagez !

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