Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Willow, l’étrangère en terre étrange

Heir to a merchant family from a distant country, Willow was crossing the border when her convoy was attacked by a zombie horde. The escorts fell quickly, and the merchants had no choice but to use the exotic goods they expected to deliver to their noble customer. Most of them survived this first attack, but the party ran out of luck over the following days. Willow soon found herself alone and realized the zombie plague had crossed the border back to her homeland faster than she could. The merchant apprentice was smart enough to understand that her old world had vanished.
Willow understands the common tongue way better than she speaks or reads it and is wary of anyone trying to make contact. She’s quite good in a fight, however, and kept one of the artifacts she was supposed to deliver. This lone stranger knows she won’t survive long on her own. While defiant and outwardly moody, Willow is looking for someone to trust.

04/03/2016 : Présentation de Willow, récompense du concours permanents de Quêtes Black Plague.

Zombifiez, partagez !
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        Ouais, c’est peut être plus joli. 🙂

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