Zombie, Zomba ! Raid is Dead !

Mission Ravage US #14 : Psychiatrics

The first part of our plan worked just fine. But the second, easiest part of our plan became an epic failure. We left our cars near a psychiatric hospital, which seemed almost intact and ready for plunder. We thought it would be easy to find some medical stuff here. We don’t usually hang around hospitals, as these places are hell on Earth, but we felt a psychiatric one would be less crowded.

Just as we were approaching it, we woke a zombie horde. We decided to face it in a place of our choice, somewhere easy to defend: the psychiatric hospital. When we reached it, we found it wasn’t as empty as we thought. I don’t worry too much, however, as we have a solution: Zombicide!


Copyrigth Ravage US



Retrouvez ce scénario Ravage US en 6 dalles, écrit par Jean-Baptiste Lullien, aux pages 40-41 du numéro 14 du magazine Ravage US. Psychiatrics est une mission Difficile pour la Saison 2 : Prison Outbreak, qui vous prendra environ 120 minutes à 6 survivants.





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